Board and Train

Pricing will be solidified once an evaluation is completed an agreed-upon skillset is determined. Items that are commonly worked on are sit, stay, heel, off (no jumping), housebreaking, barking, play biting, dog aggression, leash aggression, counter surfing, separation anxiety, and resource guarding, just to name a few. Training your pup is not one size fits all—each training program will be customized to suit your dog’s learning style and your management style. All of this will be determined during your pup’s evaluation where we will get to know the two of you.

Board and Train Program 

Your pup will stay at FFP for 3 weeks, working on basic obedience, life skills, and any behavior modifications. Your dog will receive plenty of playtime along with training time to ensure bonding time with the trainer. Depending on the dog’s needs, we will choose appropriate accommodations and ensure that your dog receives lots of love and affection during the stay. Costs are $2300 for On-Leash Basic Obedience, $2800 for On-Leash Basic Obedience/Minor Behavior Modification, and $3200 for Major Behavior Modification/Life Skills (see below*). To register, please enroll online and check the box Training at the bottom of the form.*

Stay and Train Program

Your pup will spend Monday through Friday at FFP for 3 weeks, going home with you on the weekends with homework. Your pup will work on basic obedience skills, life skills, and minor behavior modifications as well as playtime during the week. We will need your participation on the weekends to ensure your pup’s skills stick so there will be a 20-minute training session for you each Friday to go over the skills your dog has learned and rules while at home during the training program. Costs are $1950 for On Leash Basic Obedience and $2400 for Off Leash Basic Obedience/Minor Behavior Modification (see below).

Day Training Program

Your pup will come each day Monday through Friday to FFP being delivered by 8:00am and not being picked up each day until 5:00pm for 4 weeks. This program takes longer to complete because the trainers will have limited access to your pup since your pup will not be staying at FFP.  While at FFP, your pup will work on basic obedience and life skills along with some limited play time.  Costs are $2155 for On Leash Basic Obedience and $2700 for Off Leash Basic Obedience/Minor Behavior Modification (see below).  To register, please enroll online and check the box Training at the bottom of the form.*

Information on Programs

On-Leash Basic Obedience training program is meant to teach life skills for both social situations and at home. We will instill loose leash, polite walking, sit and down, stay, come, leave it, place, and easy (getting the pup to take his/her energy down a notch), getting out of the car appropriately, and behaving with distractions.  We will work with your pup to determine which collar, harness, and leash works best for his/her energy level and your comfort level in working them.

On-Leash Basic Obedience/Minor Behavior Modification training program includes all of the skills listed in On Leash Basic Obedience but for your pup to utilize those skills off leash. This requires the trainers to build your pup up in confidence and bonding so that your pup is engaged in the learning process. We will find your dog’s motivator and utilize that to help the pup gain confidence in performing these skills off leash. Minor behavior modifications would be leash reaction, play biting on humans, excessive barking, or nervousness.

Major Behavior Modification/Life Skills training program includes the Basic Obedience training with life skills of no counter surfing, garbage digging, bolting out the door, or some behavior modification training. Please note: major behavior modification/life skills training is only available as part of our Board and Train program (see Board and Train Program above). To best work with your pup on modifying behavior problems, the trainers will spend significant time to determine the cause of said behavior problems so they can best work through that issue and correct the behavior. There will be lots of play and mental games involved in this training to ensure that your pup has a positive experience during his/her behavior improvement time at FFP.


To begin a new relationship with your furry family member, please

  • Complete our Training Enrollment form
  • We will email you a confirmation and begin the process to get your pup evaluated and enrolled in the program that will best fit you and your pup.
  • Our programs require waivers and contracts to be signed and half of the training cost paid as a non-refundable deposit to reserve your pup’s drop-off date.
  • The first half payment must be paid by the time of drop off.
  • The balance (second half) payment must be paid at pickup (prior to receiving your go-home training).
  • Fun Fur Pets accepts cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal credit for payments.


If you have questions regarding our training programs, please feel free to email our trainers at, send us a message on facebook. Email is best! Let us know your dog’s issue so we can explore solutions and get back to you.