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    Please briefly describe your training experience and the types of dogs and/or skills you would like to work on in our Rescue Rehab classes.

    Please answer the following questions after watching the 45 minute Orientation video located on our Online Orientation Class page (

    1. What are the two types of conditioning/learning theory we will use?
    RewardsOperant/Positive ReinforcementClassical ConditioningNegative Reinforcement

    2. We will use the "Cure, Lure, Mark, _______, Release method to teach commands.

    3. How many levels of training do we offer?

    4. What terms describe the treats we ask you to bring? (check all that apply)
    SmallSoftCrunchyJust a fewLots and lots

    5. What type of leash do we prefer?
    RetractableChainSlip leash5-6' snap leash