We have several rescue dogs we work with from various rescues and shelters around the Midwest. These dogs live at our facility for a period of time to work on skills that they need in order to be adoptable or more adoptable. These dogs have various behavior challenges from basic obedience to complicated behavior modification. One area that all of the dogs need at some point in their training is handling by different people other than our staff and our trainers. Our Rescue Rehab class is designed to provide our Rehab dogs with this opportunity.

Do not bring your dog, this is for FFP rehab dogs only.

Rescue Rehab classes also offer people in the community an opportunity to:

  • Learn and practice their obedience training/handling skills
  • Learn more about behavior modification and/or how to work with different dogs
  • Help rescue dogs in need of some time and attention so they can find the perfect forever home
  • Provide rescue dogs with much needed socialization and mental stimulation
  • A chance to love and give a rescue dog much needed attention


Rescue Rehab class is a 45-minute class where we will assign you a dog. All you need to do is:

  1. Watch the Online Orientation Class video (45-minutes at your convenience)
  2. Complete our Rescue Rehab Enrollment and Orientation Form.
  3. Create and account with our online registration provider (vCita)
  4. Register for each Rescue Rehab class you wish to attend. Where it asks for a dog’s name, please enter Rescue.