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Dog Adoptions

Surge in Dog Adoptions Means a Boost in Dog Training

Picture yourself in an animal shelter searching for a new dog. Think of the excitement you feel as you walk ...
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Zoom Dog Training Tips

Zoom Dog Training Tips for Success

Due to COVID 19, dog training has made a transition to the virtual world. Most training sessions between trainers, clients, ...
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Basic Skills Videos

Virtual Dog Training Classes

Virtual Dog Training Classes at Fun Fur Pets

Name Your Pain!!! *ON HOLD FOR JUNE* Virtual classes are a great place for: Challenging Behaviors such as lunging and ...
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What does Virtual Dog Class look like?

Virtual Dog Training Class FAQ’s

Just what is virtual dog training? Whether you are just across town – or all the way across the country, ...
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Basic Commands Week 3

Basic Commands Week 3

In Week 3, we are going to focus on basic commands for all dogs.  Watch each video and practice in ...
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Teaching Basic Commands- Week 2

Basic Commands Week 2 In Week 2, we are going to focus on basic commands for all dogs. The Look ...
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Teaching Basic Commands-Week 1

Basic Commands Week 1 In week 1, we are going to focus on some basic commands for all dogs. The ...
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