Thank you for choosing Fun Fur Pets. Please take the time to fill out the following information regarding you and your pet. This information will help us at Fun Fur Pets to provide better training for your trusted companion in a safe and fun environment for both your pet and others.

    Our enrollment process is:
    1. Complete the following form and submit
    2. Watch our online orientation class (about 40 minutes) and complete the quiz.
    3. After you have watched the video and completed the quiz, you can reserve your a place in one of our Level 1 classes, Reactive Dog classes or Cautious Canine, whichever you feel is most appropriate for your dog. If you are uncertain whether your dog should start in a Reactive Dog or Cautious Canine class, please email us at

    Thank you and welcome to Fun Fur Pets.

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    After you have filled out this form, please watch our online orientation class (about 40 minutes).

    Thank you for completing the first step of the enrollment process!

    Your next step is to please watch our Online Orientation Video and complete the short quiz that follows it.

    You can then reserve your spot in your first class using our online reservation system.

    1. You can reserve a Level 1 or Reactive Dog class, whichever you feel is most appropriate for your dog. If you are uncertain whether your dog should start in a Reactive Dog or Cautious Canine class, please email us at If you feel your dog is a Cautious Canine, please email us at and we will set up a time.
    2. You can purchase your 8-week, 12-week or 16-week training package at our office either before your first night of class or after class is over.

    Once you have watched the Orientation Video, you can reserve your space a class at least 12 hours before class. Each class is limited to 6 dogs so that everyone has plenty of space and attention from the instructor. Reactive Dog classes are limited to 3 dogs.