As a convenience, we are offering our orientation class online instead of requiring participants to attend a “no dog class”. In order to attend Levels Training at FFP, you must:

  • Complete the Enrollment form if your dog is not already in our system.
  • Watch the entire 40 minute orientation class.
  • Complete the short quiz at the end of the video.


Once you have completed watching the orientation video, please answer the following five (5) questions. Once we receive your quiz answers, we will send you the information needed to schedule your classes. Thank you!

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    1. What are the two types of conditioning/learning theory we will use?
    RewardsOperant/Positive ReinforcementClassical ConditioningNegative Reinforcement

    2. We will use the "Command, Lure, Mark, _______, Release method to teach commands.

    3. How many levels of training do we offer?

    4. What terms describe the treats we ask you to bring? (check all that apply)
    SmallSoftCrunchyJust a fewLots and lots

    5. What type of leash do we prefer?
    RetractableChainSlip leash5-6' snap leash