Daycare Rates

Service Rate
Full day of daycare (12 hours)
($3 for each additional hour)
1/2 day of daycare (6 hours or less) $14
10 pack of full-day passes $180
10 pack of half-day passes $120
2 dogs from the same household full day
of daycare (12 hours)
2 dogs from the same household half day
of daycare (6 hours or less)
 Extra Services  Each dog
Snack (homemade dog treats) $2
Nail trimming $10
Bath, blow dry, brush $25
Ear cleaning $5
Teeth brushing $7
30-minute training session $20


Dogs love playing on the equipment in the play areas

Dogs love playing on the equipment in the play areas


Enrollment Process
  • We accept healthy dogs of all ages
  • Puppies as young as 12 weeks!
    Puppies must have their first series of shots INCLUDING rabies and their bordatella vaccination.
  • Dogs over 8 months of age, they MUST be spayed and neutered.
  • All dogs MUST be current on DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccinations.
  • We consider your dog’s entire first day his “gradual enrollment day,” rather than do a quick 5-minute evaluation. This is when we determine:
    • If your dog is a good candidate for dog daycare, and if they have fun being there!
    • We observe their behavior with the pack and make sure that they not only are a good fit for daycare, but that they enjoy themselves!
    • We observe them not only when they first get there, but throughout the day, with different dogs, and at the end of the day when they might be tired.
    • If we notice any problems, we will contact you immediately and put your dog in one of our timeout bays.
  • Our program may not be right for every dog; Fun Fur Pets reserves the right to make this determination, but most dogs flourish in daycare. Owners must be prepared for a very tired dog when they come back to pick them up!
  • To enroll your dog today, complete our online enrollment form by clicking on the link below.

Reservations are required in order to attend daycare.
Failure to cancel reservations within 24 hours will result in a $10 no show fee.

The best way to ensure that we have space for your dog on a specific day or specific days of the week is to sign up for standing reservations. This will allow your dog to permanently be on the schedule for whichever day or days in a week that you would like. This way, there will always be room for your dog and you won’t need to remember to call ahead! However, please remember to call if your dog cannot make the scheduled reservations to avoid the $10 no show fee.

Please click on the REGISTER link below to make reservations through our online registration software.

Cancellation/No show
No show results in a fee of $10. No show by 10PM becomes an overnight boarding.
Failure to cancel reservation within 24 hours results in a fee of $10.

Watch some of our furry clients having fun