Employment Opportunities

Fun Fur Pets is looking for hard working, highly motivated, fast moving people to add to our fur friendly family dog daycare, training and small animal boarding organization. There are full time and part time positions available. We are open EVERY DAY of the year, so availability on HOLIDAYS and weekends are required. Shifts are typically 6am-1pm, 1pm-7pm and 4pm-11pm, overnight shift is 10:30pm-6:30am.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable in a large group of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Because of the physical and mental requirements of the position, individuals should be able to walk for 6 straight hours, bend to the floor with ease, lift up to 75 pounds (for short periods of time) and be cognitively stable as to not agitate our sensitive dog guests. Ability to multi-task is a must. You must be reliable (if you call into work sick frequently don’t bother applying). You must be able to remember dog names, breeds and their various personalities.

Be comfortable with picking up waste (urine, feces, vomit) and listening to barking dogs all day. There is more to working than just playing with puppies here. You have to be willing to clean, clean, clean! We have a fun work environment and do not tolerate drama in the workplace; the dogs safety and staff safety are top priority.

To apply, you must send us an email requesting an application and questionnaire , our email address is funfurpetshr@gmail.com.

Individuals with animal abuse or domestic violence records will not be considered, all others welcome to apply.

Salary: $7.50 for the first 2 weeks of probation with the option of a raise, review at 60 days with the option of a raise, raises are given when employees rise to the occasion.